Cuddl Duds is a manufacturer of ultra soft and
elegant layers and activewear.

Cuddl Duds

User Experience
Web Development
Digital Agency
Cuddl Duds is a manufacturer of ultra soft and elegant layers and activewear. Designed in the United States, the brand is bridging the gap between fashion and comfort.

Their collections are designed for modern women who wants to look great during chilly nights, workdays and weekends.

The brand has direct-to-consumer and business-to-business presence.

business presence
After utilizing an open-source platform for their direct online sales channel, was re-platformed to a
software-as-service solution.

The brand partnered with Omnycode to improve data architecture, operation processes and user experience.
Digital Transformation
Our developers reengineered product data architecture around new platform requirements while ecommerce consultants developed new operation procedures for managing catalogs, customers and orders.

The project was followed by an ongoing support of the site, implementation of new features and a lifecycle email program
customers and orders
lifecycle email program
Ecommerce Optimization
Ecommerce strategy NYC
Understanding internal clients' requirements, our team successfully develops data architecture, uniquely tailored for
The brand's operation team is effectively utilizing well-documented import procedures.

Efficiency is profitability!
+24 %
+27 %
Revenue, YoY
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