eCommerce eXchange (ECX)

eCommerce eXchange (or ECX) is Omnycode's proprietary data exchange software , which is ideal for merchants with:
Limited budget
Specific ERP integration requirements
Large product catalog

General Features

Customized to each client's needs, ECX enables efficient data management through a combination of Product Information Manager(PIM) and Middleware.

Product information management (PIM)

PIM Features:

The PIM component of ECX allows clients to have a single product database to interact with, which has full synchronization capability with BigCommerce and your ERP.
Each client has a secure and private instance of the PIM that is customized to your specific catalog and data needs.
ECX can support multiple websites from a single product database.
ECX will greatly reduces the effort required to maintain your product catalog.
The infrastructure can also be used as a one - time data conversion tool.
ECX's Middleware layer is already integrated with BigCommerce and several major ERP's, Amazon Seller Central, Google Shopping and more. Operated as a PaaS (Platform as a Service) ECX is customized to your specific needs within your private instance.


Middleware Features:

Secure, private instance
Ability to customize to meet any needs
Extremely efficient maintenance and operations
Robust BigCommerce V3 API connections
Extensive error handling and logging
Minimal Maintenance and Operating Costs

ERP Data Flow

Google Shopping
ECX enables merchants to seamlessly manage catalogs and feeds of every complexity between ERP and BigCommerce:

Product & Inventory


Insert products in bulk or one at a time
Works with all types of products: Complex, Simple, Kit and Downloadable products
Supported product attributes, inventory and custom fields updates
Ability to run on a set schedule or can be triggered manually on demand
With ECX your day -to-day ecommerce operations become more efficient.

Orders & Customers


Robust API connector allows to efficiently process and fulfill orders
Allows to migrate historical data from previous platform, including customers
Integrates with multiple channels, including Amazon.

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